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Caregivers Matter

Caregivers connect heart to heart offering hope, healing, and friendship to those needing it most.

Caregivers Often Carry Too Much!

Caregiving is Emotionally and Physically Challenging

You can only be as good for others as you are to yourself.  People you care for and love want the same for you, so be sure you are not making inappropriate sacrifices.  Getting your needs met will sustain you and maintain your stamina and emotional stability.  The people you care for are counting on your to stay well, so they can count on your for support.  It's a job requirement and not a luxury.  Be kind to yourself everyday.

It's Essential You Take Care of Yourself Too!

It's not true what they say about how we can't be good for others if we don't take care of ourselves.  I can go a long time taking excellent care of someone else while ignoring my own needs.  The truth is, there is always an end to that approach.  It can be done, but there will be a time when you are forced to stop.  Don't take that approach!  Keep a healthy pace and balance your life.  In other words, if everyone you care for is eating, you should also.  If they are getting groomed and dressed, you should too.  If you give them treats and gifts, give yourself some too.  Make yourself a priority and watch your strength and spirit come back to life.  

You know it's true, so get organized, eat good food and move your body so you can finish this journey of care.     

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Be Sure to Include Yourself in Your Care

Do Your Best and Feel Good About It!

Just Be Your Kind Self

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