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Samantha Damm is known for her captivating energy and jovial presence. She expresses compassion and kindness toward everyone she serves. Her professional, management, and administrative skills have earned her a variety of awards. She’s most proud of her recognition in saving a Fortune 500 Company millions of dollars as a result of her innovative cost improvement solutions. She is resourceful, meticulous and a highly creative pioneer. 

Samantha feels her best accomplishment is that of being a mother. As a single parent, she homeschooled her daughters, cared for her mother with Alzheimer's while suffering from serious health issues. As a result, she has a more profound empathy and understanding toward others. 

She worked for private, local, and government care agencies. Feeling compelled to provide better care, she launched her business Care to Inspire. She provided continued care for several families based only on referrals over seven years. Many refer to Samantha as “Sam Damm,” and she welcomes the jests about her last name, as it makes a good conversation starter, which suits her as a natural-born chatterbox. Some clients lovingly call her the “Damm Good Caregiver” as they speak highly of her skills as a competent, trustworthy, and devoted caregiver. 

Some clients lovingly call her the “Damm Good Caregiver” as they speak highly of her skills as a competent, trustworthy, and devoted caregiver. 

Samantha speaks from experiencing when promoting self-care as she fully understands the diverse aspects of it. As an example of her creativity, she decided to transition from hands-on-caregiving to writing this book in hopes to help more people with the challenges of everyday care. Many have suggested she share her insights on a larger scale as a result of the help they received and by watching how she benefited so many others. Caregivers need support more than ever, and Samantha feels her book can help them succeed. She is a delightful advocate and spokesperson for those giving and receiving care. 

Sam lives in Central Oregon, and she frequently visits her daughters Tabitha and Sabryna near Portland, Oregon. They enjoy activities together, such as taking part in the Foodie Culture, traveling, and photography.



Sue C & BJ

"Sam has compassion, commitment, expertise, and enthusiasm when working with her clients and their families. 

Her preferred practice is to talk to everyone involved to understand what the client wants, what they need, and how they want issues handled.  In all cases, the client knows that they are in charge and Sam will accommodate in all ways possible.  If, however, an issue comes up that is detrimental to the client or the family, Sam always talks to those involved to find the best solution.  She is very proactive in getting better results for her people. 

Another aspect of Sam's service is her willingness to adjust whenever necessary.  If you need her on special occasions or need to adjust the schedule, she will work with you to make it happen if at all possible.  Because she does have other clients, this is an extra burden on her, but she will be there for you when you need her!

With best wishes and warm regards for working with a fine caretaker, I highly recommend Sam Damm." 

Candace & Betty

"It's my absolute pleasure to recommend Samantha Damm.

Samantha and I worked together for four years.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her. 

Samantha was a caregiver and companion to my Mother until she passed away.  Samantha was a valuable asset to me.  My Mother was living in Milwaukie, Oregon and I am living in Seattle, Washington.

She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard working.  Samantha became part of our family.  Her knowledge and caregiving was a great help to all of us.  She was a joy to work with. 

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Samantha Damm."

Neil & Pat

"Samantha Damm has provided consistent and exceptional care and services for my mother over the past two years.  I have entrusted her to assist my mother in times of need: Assistance with activities of daily living; shopping for any and all wants and requests; transportation and escorts to and from doctor appointments; all the while, providing a courteous smile and optimistic temperament during many challenging moments.

Samantha excels in her line of work because she is highly competent and thoroughly comfortable with the population that she serves.  She readily communicates concerns to family members, and remains open to suggestions to improve overall care for her clientele.

I would highly recommend Samantha to residents(and their decision makers) in need of assistance however great or small. Her  motivational toolkit can provide that additional level of care necessary to  maintain a resident's autonomy. And, isn't independence what many of us truly desire as we mature?"