About Sam Damm

Following years of care for her mother, who developed early-onset Alzheimer's, Samantha Damm realized her love for nurturing and caring for others.  With her jovial disposition and kind manner, she makes others instantly feel at ease and understood.  Sam can organize anything with ease and easily spots ways to improve just about anything within minutes. When she puts all her talents together to care for others, she creates an orchestra of help that makes them feel one of a kind and unique.  It's easier for her to meet other's requests through actively listening and engaging conversation. She merely absorbed everything shared as they delight in her presence and attention. Her clients are always left changed for the better and feel empowered and valued. Other's who know Samantha describe her as thoughtful, genuine, trustworthy, loyal, energetic and motivating. 

Samantha took the path as a self-employed caregiver while creating her own business named Care to Inspire.  After working for other care establishments, including the Department of Human Services, she felt compelled to provide a more personal and beneficial quality of care to people. She was referred to her first client, by a neighbor, who appreciated her excellent attention for her mother.  This resulted in her successful home care practice based on referrals from several satisfied clients and their families.  Her business name was fitting in how she truly inspired others to embrace their abilities instead of their disabilities.  


It's apparent to anyone who meets Samantha, she genuinely cares about the welfare of others and the world we live in. She is empathetic toward others coping with life changes.  She is exceptionally informed about a wide variety of topics related to home and health care.  Her years of experience consists of dealing with care associated issues such as personal care, educating families about resources and helping resolve a variety of obstacles they faced.  


Samantha specializes in filling the communication gaps between family members and their loved ones needing care.  She helps her clients create care plans consisting of daily activities,  provided companionship care, and assistance with medical appointments.  Her advise in areas of safety, hygiene, socializing, diet & nutritional, problem-solving, and personal counseling support is a valuable skill her clients appreciate. Home care from A to Z is one way her clients described the type of care she offers. She is an advocate for the disabled, the elderly and their families.  She effectively directs caregivers toward sources and helps to better their experiences in care. Her knowledge and wisdom from sharing with countless others about aging, caring and family matters make her help invaluable.  She understands the encompassing demands caregivers face. 

Samantha enjoys the time with her clients one on one most. And they all share a special place in her heart.  The one things Samantha has promised all of them is to share their stories and concerns with others to help future families.  She also learned how difficult it was for them some when they didn't receive care, and how frustrated families were in their roles as caregivers.  This void on behalf of both caregivers and care recipients weighs heavy on her heart.  She noticed common threads of dissatisfaction and grief from both sides and as she observed the families. She hopes to continue bridging the gaps in families involved in caregiving.  All it takes sometimes is an objective person sharing the other's perspective, so understanding can occur. It often turns things entirely around for a struggling family providing care.  These issues sparked Samantha's interest in writing her new upcoming book, Redefining Caregiving. 

She hopes to improve the lives of people providing care and bring joy to those receiving it.