Redefining Caregiving

Caregivers are Helping Heros


Caregiving is Emotionally and Physically Challenging


You can only be as good for others as you are to yourself.  People you care for and love want the same for you, so be sure you are not making inappropriate sacrifices.  Getting your needs met will sustain you and maintain your stamina and emotional stability.  The people you care for are counting on your to stay well, so they can count on your for support.  It's a job requirement and not a luxury.  Be kind to yourself everyday.

It's Essential You Take Care of Yourself Too!


I can go a long time taking care of someone while ignoring my own needs, but it always catches up with me. My body is designed to protect me, but if I continue to overload it without restoration time, it will take longer to heal from the damage I've allowed. I do not ignore myself and I never deprive myself of good food and sleep because my body works hard to keep me alive and it deserves more from me. Don't take your health for granted. Take long breaths, laugh loudly and rest deeply.

Inspiration Thoughts For You!


Be Sure to Include Yourself in Your Care. Don't become so busy you forget that you deserve good care too. You may be a hero, but you are still only human. Don't forget that.

Show you appreciate a caregiver today.

Do something to show a caregiver you support them. Offer to help, buy them a gift care, or tell them how much you appreciate all you do.


You control your focus and how you choose to see things. Never give up on your goals and dreams. You can adjust your life, but never let them go.