Help for Caregivers

 You can stay informed by reading articles about caregiving and healthcare.  I prefer to stick to reputable websites with updated and valid information.  Here are some trusted sites to help and inspire you in your caregiving journey. - Senior Health Center

ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center

Eldercare Locator

Online Support and Resources

Read articles or join a support group to share and learn from others going through some of the same things.  The best tips come from those who have walked before us. Check out these online resources. Always protect you and your loved ones privacy by doing your own research before trusting anyone with your information or requesting services. 

Social Work Today

Family Caregiver Alliance

Memory Care Help

There are experienced and highly trained caregivers who can provide care to both patients and their families. Seeking help can enable you and your loved ones to live happy and fulfilling lives. When it comes to Dementia and Alzheimer's related illness families are often left confused and frustrated in knowing how to take care of someone they love. There is so much more information available that can enable you to move forward with more certainty and skill in managing care.  Read as many medical articles relating to the topic of memory care and Alzheimer's and seek out support groups in your area dealing with families and health concerns.  

You may feel alone, but there are many others just like you seeking help and support.  You can learn from them, as they learn from you. Please reach out and don't give up until you get answers. 

Bright Focus Foundation

Dementia Society of America

Alzheimer's Society Canada

Alzheimer's Association

National Institute of Aging

Basics of Alzheimer's

Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's