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Samantha Damm - Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

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Let's talk about your caregiving goals, develop solutions and get better traction for walking forward confidently as a caregiver. 

Develop an intentional mindset to create opportunities within caregiving. 

Stop wasting time, get organized and set yourself up for sucess. 

Feeling stuck?  I'll show you how to step free and create huge impact for getting things done. 

Planning and self-assessment for caregiving can directly affect your outcome. 

The future can be brighter with more time for you, when you are open to shifting your position and gain a new perspective.    

I'll meet you where you are today, and direct you to where you want to be, but you need to take the first steps.

Feeling overwhelmed is common to caregiving. 

Don't give up!  Give me a call.   

Today, there is so much more for caregivers. Sometimes all it takes is to step back, ask for help and be open to change. 

You can make your life what you want, so call now! 

I've helped countless others do the same thing. 

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Initial "Get Acquainted" 15 minutes phone call. 

Costs: 30 Min Consultation - $29

1 Hour = $59

Additional costs based on package and services. 

Ask me how I can transform your caregiving for just $175)

All my packages can take you to a higher level of caregiving. 

How high do you want to go for a better view? 

(Consultation by phone or by using Zoom, Skype or Marco Polo App) 

(Group chat for caregivers and their families also available) 

Consultation Includes   (depending on your situation and needs)

Discussion about circumstances within caregiving and your desired outcome and goals. Discuss your main concerns and problems, so we can devise a plan of action for you. I will send you an email requesting information, or we can agree to a chat. In order to help you effectively, I may request more information. Then, we can move forward with a plan to get you on track!   

The Benefits of a Consultation and Caregiving Packages

1. Gain focus and understand the meaning behind the care you give.

2. Learn easy ways to get organize, save time and increase work-flow

3. Discover your main road-blocks and how to remove them.  

4. Discover tools to build support, design a care team and an atmosphere for personalized caregiving. 

5. Find out the best way to communicate with difficult family how to become an advocate without changing who you are. 

6. Develop a plan where you improve your self-esteem, confidence and take care of yourself for a change. 

7. You can become a magnet for help by using specific techniques that encourage other invest in you. 

8. Develop a plan for protecting yourself and family from physical and financial harm. 

PLUS you can receive helpful downloadable PDFs, resources for caregiving, organizing and more!

BTW...All this is in my book! 

I'm creating a course for caregivers that is based on the book. It will be a course for "How to Earn Money in Caregiving."

All this will be available after the launch of my book this year!

Redefining Caregiving, Take Care of Your Loved Ones and Yourself Too!


Watch for future announcement about opportunities to hire me as a speaker/educator. Invest in the caregivers you know and hire me to help them. Caregiving is a tough job. They can learn how to care for themselves and be better caregivers with just a little help from someone who's been there...ME!

Be sure and visit again for updates on the book release!

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