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 You can stay informed by reading articles about caregiving and healthcare.  I prefer to stick to reputable websites with updated and valid information.  Here are some trusted sites to help and inspire you in your caregiving journey. - Senior Health Center

ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center

Eldercare Locator 

APA Caregiver Briefcase

The Caregiver Space

Support and Resources


Read articles or join a support group to share and learn from others going through some of the same things.  The best tips come from those who have walked before us. Check out these online resources. Always protect you and your loved ones privacy by doing your own research before trusting anyone with your information or requesting services. 

Social Work Today

Family Caregiver Alliance  

The Caregiver Space

Memory Care


There are experienced and highly trained caregivers who can provide care to both patients and their families. Seeking help can enable you and your loved ones to live happy and fulfilling lives. When it comes to Dementia and Alzheimer's related illness families are often left confused and frustrated in knowing how to take care of someone they love. The internet offers endless information to enable caregivers, so they can experience certainty, gain skills and build hope in their lives.    

You may feel alone, but there are many others just like you seeking help and support.  You can learn from them, as they learn from you. 

Bright Focus Foundation

Dementia Society of America

Alzheimer's Society Canada

Alzheimer's Association

National Institute of Aging

Basics of Alzheimer's

Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's


A little support goes a long way.  We all need someone to share our struggles without  judgement.

Betterhelp provides counseling where you’re at.  Access help online without leaving your home .


Psychology Today

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Health and Wellness


When it comes to performance in any job, it's your health that makes the most difference. Caregivers tend to overlook how important self-care is and they pay the price when they do. 

You must be grounded emotionally and physically in order to do your work everyday. Here are some terrific resources to help you. 

Remember, I am here for you!

MedicalNewsToday - Nutritient - Meditation


Financial Matters

Caregiving is expensive and costly for everyone involved in the care.

Caregiving and money go hand in hand. It either costs you for care, or cost you in wages to provide it. This section is for finding answers and options to lessen the financial impact of caregiving in your life. Resources available for the finances of caregiving:

Paying for Senior Care

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My Services


Sign up for a consultation!  

Discuss your caregiving goals to develop solutions and gain traction to move forward with confidence. 

I'll show you how to develop a mindset filled with hope and opportunities within caregiving. 

I get excited about helping caregivers get organized, educated and learn how to manage and enjoy their lives. 

Organizing is key to success, and I'll show you how to implement little steps leading to huge impact for easily getting things done. 

Planning for caregiving can directly affect your outcome. 

 The future can be less stressful with peace of mind when you  plan ahead for future care   

I can help you where you are today, and where you want to be.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, which is common to caregivers, don't move further without reaching out for help. 

I'll do my best to assist, accommodate and direct you toward other resources to lighten your load. 

Call Today!


Costs: 1 Hour Consultation - $59

            1.5 Hours is $75

(Includes interview by phone or skype for 60-75 minutes) 

What Can You Expect to Receive?

First we will discuss your intention and purpose for the consultation. I will ask you a series of questions to understand your specific needs and consider how I may help. I may request more information to understand further, and then we can set up the consultation call to get you on track!   

The Great Benefits for Investing in a Consultation:

1. Achieve focus in caregiving and your goals.

2. Learn quick and easy ways to organize for your life, to increase work-flow.

3. Learn your road-bloacks and how to remove them.  

4. Gain valuable tools to create a care team and find support.

5. Get ideas of how to avoid discord and difficult people.

6. Develop a specific plan to incorporate your own self care, and get your family to help more. 

7. Develop a support system that helps carry you, as a caregiver

PLUS, receive access to downloadable PDF resources for caregiving and organizing, along with referrals to other resources.

Seminars available in the future - Following the launch of my book Redefining Caregiving, How to Take Care of Your Loved Ones and Yourself Too!


I am looking forward to hosting seminars for individuals and groups seeking to educate and inform caregivers!

Be sure and visit again for updates on the book release!

Click here if you are interested in taking your caregiving to a higher level!

Redefining Caregiving Book Updates


Learn more about my book to help caregivers. Check back here to learn more about what to expect within the pages.  

This book is like no other. 

When people tell you to take care of yourself, as a caregiver, it's frustrating because you already know that. When people make comments about your caregiving, how do you respond? Advise is free, but sometimes people give away too much of it.  What about those family members who never have time to help?  How to deal with all these issues is in the book. 

If you really want to help someone you know who cares for someone, you will want to get a copy of the book for them. 

Books are similar to friendships in how they impact our lives and support us. Even if we put it on the shelf, we can always go back when we need it, so they are dependable in that way. 

Make this book your new friend who helps you with caregiving. 

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Coming Events


I'm in the process of creating webinars and courses to help you with the skills you need to make smart choices, plan your care and create goals for yourself. 

Following the launch of my book, I will be hosting events and speaking engagements to educate caregivers and promote my book. 

I'm very excited to for this space to grow and develop into a place where caregivers seek refuge and gain empowerment. 

Please Stay tuned!

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Questions and Answers for Caregivers

Frequently asked questions create create conversation leading to solid answers.

Each caregiver faces a very personal and unique set of circumstances surrounding their cargiving. It can make you feel alone and without answers, but that doesn't mean you are. It can be difficult to find specific answers by researching the internet randomly and it takes time, which you don't have. I want to help. If you have a question, please send me a message and I will try to answer. If I cannot find a solution, I will refer you in the direction of finding one. 

Don't forget! Asking for help is a sign of strength! 

Check out these excellent sites for answers and Email me anytime! 

American Psychological Association