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Caregivers Need a Coach

Who's helping you with your caregiving?

Do you spend hours of valuable time combing the internet for answers to feel overwhelmed in the end?

Where do you start, as a caregiver?

Everyone has different advice, so who should you listen to?

Let me throw a blanket over all that caregiving clutter. 

Caregiving can take a toll on your family, your health and finances, so why gamble with your approach? 

It can be as daunting as doing your taxes and the stakes can be just as high. You delegate many things you don't know how to do yourself. 

Shouldn't  you get help with caregiving too?  

Most people admit they know very little about being a caregiver, so they hire one without knowing how. Then, it doesn't work out, or they need additional help and they get frustrated and want to give up. Sound familiar? 

Hiring help can bring immediate relief or create more problems. Choosing a caregiver isn't like hiring someone to mow your lawn. You need a skilled person you can trust, and a plan to resolve issues for someone needing care.  

If you don't, it can feel like moving buckets under a ceiling with multiple leaks. It's a temporary approach that wears you out and doesn't fix anything.  

Most family caregivers are thrown into the role, as other family turn away. Don't you want to learn how to handle caregiving, so you don't need to beg for help from family who don't really wanna be a part of it anyways? You can thrive with or without their help!

Don't allow burnout to start it's nasty journey of robbing you of your life by getting help early on. That's where I can help. 

I can take just a few minutes to review your situation and evaluate your needs. What I specialize in is creating solutions. Caregiving doesn't need to overtake you.


Have you ever chosen new hairstylist who they did a fabulous job or found  someone you trust to fix your car? 

Are you lucky enough to have a good doctor who listens to you? 

It feel great to find people who bring you peace of mind, a sense of security and makes your lives easier. 

I can be that person for you for if you are willing to try a different approach. 


Everyone says caregivers shouldn't do it alone for a reason. Nobody tells them how. As a caregiver, you deserve to do your job without the added stress of being unprepared and unaware. 

We live in a world with answers and solutions at our fingertips, but the best source are those who have traveled where we are headed. Their insights and experience can benefit us. 

You wouldn't travel to another country without investigating the language, customs and how to stay safe. You would talk to people who traveled there before. Caregiving can feel like visiting a foreign place. Planning your caregiving journey will set you up for the rewards you could have, instead of it becoming a big regret.  

With over 3 decades of caregiving experience, I am highly qualified to be your guide.

I've traveled through every stage of caregiving, so I have unique perspective. As a former single parent, family caregiver I know what sandwich caregivers face. I've worked for agencies and in my own caregiving business, so I'm empathetic toward caregivers in the workplace and I found ways to get around it.. 

Don't give up!  Give me a call.   


Initial  FREE "Get Acquainted"  phone call (15 minutes) 

Costs: 30 Min Consultation - $29

1 Hour = $59 (Guaranteed to improve your caregiving, or money back!)

Consultation Includes: 

Discuss your circumstances surrounding caregivng

Discover what you desired, as a caregiver.  

Discuss your main concerns

Develop a  care plan of action.  

Construct an outlined Care Plan 

Understand yourself in caregiving  

Receive a personalized resource list

Get your life back!

Chat by phone, Skype or email.   

Ask me about discounted follow-up meetings.can

Benefits of a Consultant for Caregiving

 The Benefits of a Consultation and Caregiving Packages

1. Gain focus and understand the meaning behind the care you give.

2. Learn easy ways to get organize, save time and increase work-flow

3. Discover your main road-blocks and how to remove them.  

4. Discover tools to build support, design a care team and an atmosphere for personalized caregiving. 

5. Find out the best way to communicate with difficult family how to become an advocate without changing who you are. 

6. Develop a plan where you improve your self-esteem, confidence and take care of yourself for a change. 

7. You can become a magnet for help by using specific techniques that encourage other invest in you. 

8. Develop a plan for protecting yourself and family from physical and financial harm. 

PLUS you can receive helpful downloadable PDFs, resources for caregiving, organizing and more!

Caregiving with a View- Package Prices

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